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Welcome to VCG Property Solutions

The Smart Property Investment People

Here at VCG Property Solutions, we provide a variety of investment opportunities for Individuals and Companies looking to invest in Property. We will guide you through the process, and demonstrate why Property really is your number one Investment Vehicle.

Through our excellent Property Sourcing Team, we are able to secure Below Market Value Properties, ensuring our Investors are guaranteed great returns on their investments.

At VCG Property Solutions, we have the tools, the experience and the personnel to turn around all varieties of property extremely quickly, delivering results and peace of mind to our valuable Clients.

VCG Property Solutions specialise in quick house sale transactions and our fast track refurbishment and/or resale services focus on a swift turnaround to maximise investments.


Ryan Colbeck

Ryan Colbeck

Managing Director

Ryan Colbeck

Managing Director

With over 15 years’ experience in the Property Development and Construction Industry, our Managing Director, Ryan Colbeck made the move to Property Investment.


Why choose VCG?

Hassle Free

We understand property investment can be very time consuming. Our team will find property on your behalf and work with you all the way.


All investments are property based and secured with real bricks and mortar, giving you peace of mind throughout the whole process.

Property Sourcing

We understand that finding the right property can be quite stressful so we hand pick properties that fit your criteria.

Defined Exit

With a variety of Investment Options, you can be sure that Your investment will be on Your Terms.

Our Due Diligence is second-to-none ensuring your investment, and our reputation are
‘Safe as Houses’

Hear it from our clients!

Investment Opportunities

Our investors are people like you, looking for excellent returns on investments in the Property Market. We understand: Our excellent reputation is built upon our extensive experience and providing a variety of investment opportunities to our Clients and Partners.

Investing in Property is the simplest, safest and most secure way to achieve both your short-term and long-term financial goals. Allowing VCG to source Below Market Value Properties (BMV) that fit your criteria, and manage your investments, means you will benefit from strong returns, and build wealth in through Property.

BMV properties are typically residential properties sold for less than their market value. A variety of reasons compel a homeowner to sell their property for less than the market value, such as; relocation, divorce, bereavement, repossession or financial difficulty. We specialise in the below areas of investment;

  • Joint Venture
  • Buy to Let
  • Buy to Flip
  • Portfolio Building
  • Portfolio Optimisiation

We offer a fast and pain-free solution to Homeowners with a variety of investment options for our Investors:


Joint Venture (JV)

A JV allows our Partners and Clients to invest alongside VCG, and therefore appeals to individuals or companies without as much to invest. JV Investment is also an excellent way for those who would like to ‘test the water’ and feel uncomfortable with a complete hands-off investment.


Buy To Let (BTL)

Buy-To-Let (BTL) Opportunities: appeal to those aiming to build their own Property Portfolios. BTL Properties benefit not only from initial capital, but also from Capital Growth and offer an excellent long term investment.


Buy To Flip (BTF)

Buy-To Flip (BTF) Opportunities: are ideal for those looking to secure a quick return on their investment. With our own Power Team of Experts, VCG will manage the process from start to finish, providing you with Weekly Updates on Progress.


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